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Inventions to Prototype
Greenhouse Technology Customer Story
Hope Industries Case Study

Inventions to Prototype

The Challenge:
Every inventor has a spark that lights an idea to paper.  M Squared Electronics posed a challenge to the employees of the company to come up with concepts that would provide a new avenue for an electronic design project.  This was an open project to all employees to brainstorm.  The goal was to find something to conceptualize and bring to life as a physical product that could potentially be manufactured by M Squared Electronics.

The Process:
The staff at M Squared came up with several ideas and they were reviewed and one stood out as a potential niche that could have a target audience with an unanswered need.  A device to measure humidity levels within a home for health reasons. 

    • Step 1:  
      Brainstorming for ideas that would benefit a target market and provide an electronic design project for M Squared to conquer. 
    • Step 2:  
      Connected with an inventor advocate company via LinkedIn networking.
    • Step 3:
      Idea was conveyed for a tool to measure humidity for health reasons inside a home and alert the owner of the levels visually but with minimal battery life used.
    • Step 4:  
      Concept branding ideas and target markets were explored by inventor advocate company.
    • Step 5:
      Industrial design team took research and created some drawings of potential shapes.  At the same time discussion began about the electronics to run this humidity minder.  Once a sleek design was agreed upon the prototype was manufactured at M Squared Electronics.

The Outcome:
As of today the partnership with the inventor advocate company has progressed and a prototype was manufactured using some state of the art technology.  The brand was named and exhibited at trade shows and will be presented to potential targets in the market that would have a need to verify and be alerted to changes in humidity.  This is no longer limited to a health related product.  There are some other consumer uses that were identified within the music, information technology, and other potential markets.

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Greenhouse Technology Customer Story

Greenhouse Technology Inc. is a leading supplier of automated irrigation systems for the greenhouse industry. We are proud to be an important part of their ascent from startup to leader.

M Squared Electronics was approached by Greenhouse Technology to design and manufacture controllers for a variety of different applications related to automated irrigation of plants in greenhouses. The controllers must operate very reliably over many years within harsh environmental and electrical conditions. This challenge resulted in a very robust design that is manufactured under tight quality control by the experienced and highly motivated employees of M Squared using the best materials and processes.

Our controllers have helped Greenhouse Technology build a strong reputation of selling the best and most reliable automated irrigation systems on the market. As a result, they've seen tremendous growth and market acceptance over the last 14 years with thousands of watering systems that proudly help make the world greener.

We also provide Greenhouse Technology with repair and testing services for all of the controllers we design and build. Additionally, if there are any new features or changes required, we are always there to provide the necessary ongoing engineering support to update the firmware or hardware as required.

Over the years, we have developed a win-win long term relationship. As a result, Greenhouse Technology and M Squared Electronics look forward to the continued success as both companies find new ways to thrive in this highly competitive marketplace.

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Electronic Design - Hope Industries

M Squared Electronics was approached with a challenge to evaluate a project for printed circuit boards previously produced in China. When this opportunity arose, M Squared was able to successfully improve the production by delivering exceptional quality and greatly simplified logistics.

The customer, Hope Industries, produced a medical X-ray film processor sold both domestically and internationally. The machine controller assemblies were originally designed and produced by a vendor in China. These were experiencing high failure rates in the field. This was due to poor quality control during assembly and the specification of sub-standard components. The customer found it difficult to obtain service and product support because of the communication difficulties and distance between their U.S.A manufacturing plant and China. Although the production cost of the controller sourced from China was low, the true cost of ownership was greatly increased due to the difficulty and costs involved in servicing equipment failures. Importantly, the damage to their reputation of the customer's company was incalculable. As a result, there was a compelling need to source the controller locally with a quality manufacturer.

M Squared was awarded this contract because the price was very competitive based on cost of ownership. The proper cost analysis considered the added value of high quality, on time delivery, and minimal shipping costs. Additionally, by keeping the electronic design local, continuing engineering was simplified by ease of communications.

After failure analysis of the original controller, M Squared redesigned the assembly to be form, fit, and function compatible with the existing controller. The design was done with: quality, reliability, manufacturability, reparability, and ease of firmware upgrades in mind.

Previous to this most recent project, M Squared was the trusted and exclusive supplier responsible for producing tens of thousands of printed circuit board assemblies for Hope Industries. This included all of Hope's photographic, graphic arts, and diagnostic imaging processors. Additionally, Hope supplied the products as private labeled equipment for well known large, multinational companies.

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